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Charlie Hale

Comedian impressionist Ideal for mixed or all male dinners or corporate functions

lee Roy James

Irish Raconteur with a great line in Irish humour

Johnnie Casson

Highly popular television celebrity after dinner guest. Very busy, book early

Martin Gold

Gentle -non aggressive comedian for all types of events and dinners..

Paddy Greene

The country's best Irish Comidian. Amazing after dinner act. never forgotten once seen

Duggie Brown TV Celebrity After Dinner Comedian, famed for "The Parrott" from The Comedians
Mike Kelly

Regarded as one of the best ad lib after dinner comedy comedians.

Gary Skyner An inspirational speaker and an outstanding comedian from Liverpool.
Gary Marshall

A young comedian who excelled on ITV's Big Big Talent Show.

Josh Daniels

Highly entertaining after dinner comedy

Lea Roberts

A young comedian and winner of ITV's "Stand Up Britain"

Al Conway

Topical stories combined with a little magic make Al a refreshing change.

Seth Shildon

A stand-up joke teller from Durham.

Steve Tandy

Brilliant After Dinner comedy impressionist & story teller

Johnnie Wager

One of the original "TV Comedians" Ideal for golfing functions.

Simon Sands

A clean, southern based comedian

Dusty Young The World's Funniest Irish Comedian. Very clean for all audiences.
Mike McGuire An excellent Sporting Impressionist from Sky Sports & Century FM
Mick Monroe Ideal Comedian for Sporting or mixed dinners. A regular on armed forces dinners.
Barry York A great comedian, comedy entertainer and a good host. Popular with Round Table
Brian Sharpe A workhouse quick witted comedian for all type of event
Christine Coles One of the north's leading female comics
Billy Bean A true professional Corporate After Dinner humourist/comedian.
Zack Stevens

A zany comedian, ideal for the special golf event

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